Destiny Delayed Not Denied As Sen. Ifeanyi Ubah Returns As ASFA Chairman, Chris Green Congratulates

Former Chairman technical committee in the Nigeria football federation NFF, Chris Green, has congratulated the Jude Anyadofu led electoral committee for the Anambra state Elective congress, for doing a very good job at conducting the first virtual election ever recorded in the history of Nigeria football.

Green who is presently the special adviser to Rivers State governor, Nyesom Wike on the Real Madrid football academy, described the electoral committee as a group of very intelligent, very committed and highly patriotic Nigerians who have shown by their actions that men of integrity and class still exist within the corridors of Nigeria football.

“I have always trusted Jude Anyadofu for his sincerity and uprightness even in the face of intimidation. I followed proceedings from Monday last week when the first election took place and i knew from the word go that Jude will not approve of that as he is not known for controversies. We kept talking and i told him to do what was right to please his conscience. The electoral committee did lots of consultations before agreeing to the option of virtual election after the congress had met to amend that part of the statutes”.

“In all sincerity, this was a very matured job, devoid of fraud or malpractices. Once again i will like to commend all those involved, for a job well done”.

“Senator Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah must also be commended for remaining calm despite all the frustrations. He has shown that he is a leader and a very good politician and deserves to be applauded too for his maturity”. He concluded.

Elections were first conducted in the local football councils before the state football association election that saw Senator Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah return as chairman of Anambra state football association for a second term.

Author: MikeThePundit

MikeThePundit is a SPORT BROADCAST JOURNALIST.... Host/Anchor of Sport Shows on TV/Radio. Biased for all things sport. #PhoneticsFreak

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