Sunshine Stars’ Ogunniyi Omojesu Says LMC Should Consider Best Option To Finishing NPFL

Sunshine Stars attacking midfielder, Ogunniyi Omojesu says he doesn’t wish the LMC ends the 2019/20 NPFL Season due to the Coronavirus pandemic ravaging the world.

The Akure Gunners player stated this while speaking to 6th July Media this Thursday. He said he hopes the LMC can take a clue from the premier league who despite the points game still wants to finish the NPFL season.

“I don’t think they should stop it because other teams can still meet up with the point difference”, he said.

“Take a look at English premier league, despite the point difference between 1st and 2nd,they still wanna continue the a game of football anything can happen”, he concluded.

He has since scored three goals in 20 matches for the Ondo State team.

Author: MikeThePundit

MikeThePundit is a SPORT BROADCAST JOURNALIST.... Host/Anchor of Sport Shows on TV/Radio. Biased for all things sport. #PhoneticsFreak

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