Again And Again, Nigeria’s Foremost Sports WhatsApp Group Distribute Over 1m Naira To Journalists

Nigeria’s Sports WhatsApp platform, Nigeria Sports Mouthpiece (NSM), has begun the distribution of Over One Million Naira To Sports Journalists so as to cushion the effect of the Coronavirus pandemic

From the over a million naira, the sum of N10,000 COVID-19 palliative to over One hundred Nigerian journalists is being shared.

This follows after distribution of N1.2m among 100 journalists two weeks ago.

According to the Founder/Super Admin, Wale Ajayi who is based in Canada said the COVID-19 palliative supported by well-meaning Nigerians was hastily designed to ensure that the most hit by the hardship lay their hands on something to cushion the effect of the economic hardship brought by the lockdown.

He said: “What is happening on the streets of our cities is horrendous. The people who earn their living on a daily basis are struggling to find even a meal a day. We call well-meaning individuals home and abroad to come to their aid.

He however appealed to Nigerians to be reasonable and not consider boycotting the lockdown order as an option due to hunger since it would help control the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Insisting that there was no favoritism in the palliative support, Oja as his fondly called by his admirers, stressed that the NSM captures the journalists because of the risks they face while discharging their duties and the role played during the lockdown.

Author: MikeThePundit

MikeThePundit is a SPORT BROADCAST JOURNALIST.... Host/Anchor of Sport Shows on TV/Radio. Biased for all things sport. #PhoneticsFreak

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